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Paula Wolfson

Paula Wolfson is a veteran Washington correspondent who has covered three presidents and six presidential campaigns. She was the White House bureau chief for the Voice of America before switching to commercial radio, where she reported on science and health care policy, Recently she returned to her first love and is writing once again on American politics and foreign policy for halimiz.com
24 Kasım 2016

Postcard from Washington: Trump’s Soldier

  He was one of Donald Trump’s strongest supporters on the campaign trail — a retired general who had the candidate’s ear on matters of national […]
17 Kasım 2016

Postcard from Washington: Transition Begins

It was one of the nastiest elections in U.S. history — a contest for the history books that ended with one party giddy from an upset […]
17 Kasım 2016

where to, turkey?!…

i am writing this column from a small village at the northern corner of edremit bay, resting on the skirts of kazdaglari, where i have joined […]
10 Kasım 2016

US election ends with dramatic twist!

   America awoke from its presidential  campaign nightmare with a huge national headache.The bitter, unpredictable campaign resulted in an upset of historic proportions decided on the […]
10 Kasım 2016

what have you done balbay!

a frenchman, a german and a turk find themselves in the depths of hell. it is so unbearably hot that they rush to climb up the […]
3 Kasım 2016

no longer a republic …

on saturday, oct. 29, turks marked the 93rd anniversary of their republic. but this occasion forces us to ask: is turkey still a republic? lately i’ve […]
27 Ekim 2016

The state of Turkey’s affairs …

  In just the last couple of months, what was already a complicated political and security situation in Turkey has been made even more difficult. On […]
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